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Sleeping in Ostia: the convenience of staying close to Rome

Roma Caput mundi! This is how the Latin poet Marco Anneo Lucano defined the city in his poem “Pharsalia”. The eternal city, with its infinite beauty, is one of the most visited destinations in the world, with millions of tourists who, every year, crowd the city to admire its beauty. Capital of the most important empire in world history, Rome exudes and smells of its ancient and glorious history in every corner. Monumental and majestic, you cannot say you have lived if you have not visited Rome at least once in your life. It’s a tour of imperial ruins, Christian churches, Renaissance palaces and Baroque fountains. The beauty of Rome, however, is not only found in the city center but also in the neighboring areas such as, for example, Ostia.

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District of Rome, located near the mouth of the river Tiber and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ostia is about 30 km from the eternal city, and is a strategic point to stay in Rome if you desire to stay away from the chaos of the city.

Not only that, Ostia offers many attractions to visit and excellent accommodation facilities far cheaper than those offered in the city center.

Staying overnight in Ostia during your holidays in Rome has four main advantages.

1. Ostia, the Roman coast

Ideal for those who are planning a holiday in Rome with a visit to the sea, Ostia turns out to be an ideal and strategic destination all year round.

It is the Roman coast, as well as the seaside location closest to the capital. Reachable in 15 minutes by car, it is very popular among Romans and tourists as it offers many equipped bathing beaches, free beaches, restaurants, cafes and nautical clubs. The new port also allows visitors from all over the world to dock all sizes boats. The palm trees along the coast invite you to romantic and peaceful walks to enjoy the beautiful sight of the sunset from the long jetty with the roundabout overlooking the sea.

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2. Perfectly connected to Rome

Staying overnight in Ostia means satisfying your need for quiet without having to put yourself in the hectic everyday life of the city center, yet remaining within walking distance of your holiday destination.

Moreover, many guides often refer to Ostia as one of the “neighborhoods” where it is easy to park. The proximity to Rome also facilitates the connections. As a matter of fact, you can get there by car, by train, by metro or by other public transportation in a very short time.

Those who travel by car can drive along Via del Mare, a road that, once passed Ostia Antica and Acilia, allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast and to drive along the excavations of the ancient colony (to visit – absolutely). The alternative is to take the Rome-Fiumicino highway that makes it possible to get to the city center in even less time.

Rome and Ostia are also well connected by a train and underground that takes you in about 30 minutes to Termini station.

3. Ostia is very close to Fiumicino airport

Another reason to prefer a stay in Ostia is its proximity to the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fiumicino. The airport is only 6 km away from Ostia and can be reached by train, metro or bus. This is the ideal condition for those who want to spend a holiday without the stress of having a car.

4. The beauty of Ostia Antica

Located close to the modern district of Ostia, Ostia Antica is a big archaeological site. As in a city of the ancient Rome, it is possible to admire extraordinary buildings such as the Theater and the Forum, the domus and the insulae (typical Roman houses), the mills, the fullonica (where the clothes were washed and dyed) and the public baths. These are all symbols of the millennial history of Rome.

You can also reach Rome by sailing on the Tiber river on a tourist boat that leaves from Ostia Antica. A wonderful experience not to be missed!

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Spending the night in Ostia allows, you to fully enjoy the beauty of Rome, remaining outside the chaos of a big metropolis and combining sightseeing and wonderful days at the sea. It also allows you to visit a side of Rome often not included in the traditional travel itineraries, which can turn out to be really pleasant and interesting.

If you are planning a holiday in Rome and you plan on visiting the coast of Ostia, here are two solutions that are right for you:  one apartment for 4 people and one for 10 people, all tastefully furnished, equipped with modern services and optimally connected.

Appartamento in affitto Ostia

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