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Itinerary Tour of the Towers in Rome

Discover the main medieval towers in Rome and the most hidden aspects of the city linked with its medieval past, enriched with curiosities and anecdotes about the most important Roman families.

The tour starts in Largo Corrado Ricci, in Via dei Fori imperiali, where the formidable Tower of the Counts stands. It belonged to the Tuscolo counts, a powerful Roman family of the 3rd century.

We go on with the nearby Torre del Grillo, witness to the jokes of the famous marquise, and the Tower of the Militia, which is sheltered in the middle of the ancient Forum of Traiano, from which the materials for its construction were taken.

Not less important is the stop at the Torre del “Papitto” in Largo Argentina, an example of a tower which was cut off on the summit during the Renaissance, and then the Blood Tower in Piazza Navona. From there we will finish our tour with the attractive Tor Millina, which belonged to the Millini family and which was refurbished during the Renaissance.

The route is dedicated to an extraordinary testimony of the city’s past, divided between internal fights of the aristocratic families and devotion to the Pope.

Duration of the tour: about two hours.

There are no entrance fees.