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Itinerary Tour “House of the Roman Gods ”

Itinerary Tour “House of the Roman Gods ”

We go back to the time of pagan temples with their worshipped divinities and the rituals, the beliefs and superstitions of our ancestors.

If you wish to walk among the monuments and discover something more about the ancient religion of Rome, this is your itinerary.

The tour starts from Piazza di Pietra, where you will find the ruins of the temple dedicated to the emperor Traiano, deified by his successor, Antoninus Pius. We will proceed to the Pantheon, a magnificent reminder of the religious fervor of the Romans and which was consecrated as the Church of Santa Maria dei Martiri in 608 A.C.

Then it’s time to visit the temples of Largo Argentina, a wonderful example of pagan buildings dating back to the Republican age (the 2nd to 1st centuries B.C.); we will proceed to the temple dedicated to nymphs, whose ruins can be found in Via delle Botteghe Oscure. We will finish the tour with the extraordinary remains of the Apollo Sosiano temple, built with Carrara marble and placed in front of the theatre of Marcello.

Duration of the tour: about two hours.

There are no entrance fees.